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Due to different tax arrangements, buying a car abroad can provide substantials savings. Sometimes it can be as much as 40%. When Carlink is your weapon of choice, you will always be sure you get your car with full factory warranty. Buying a car abroad can also provide a lot of headache. Different languages, way too much paperwork and the difficult choice of a good shipping partner. Carlink is pleased to help you with all of this. And trust us: we have already gone through all the possible trouble for you.


Carlink relieves. We ship thousands of cars a year, so we have lots of experience in exporting cars. We listen to your requirements and adapt our procedure accordingly. Because we have well established partnerships with logistic partners, we can also reduce shipping charges.

The order

If you want a car you see on our website or phone app, call us or send us an email. We will send you a sales agreement instantly. Please sign and return, and the car you required will start up his engine.

The documents

Simplicity is something Carlink really like. But security is our very top priority. That is why we send the original invoices and documents by secured TNT Express.
When the cars arrive, we give them a final check-up, so we know for sure you get the right car. After this we will prepare the cars for transportation. We make sure all keys are present and you documents will get stamped.



If Carlink received the payment, cars can be picked up directly. Some of our customers prefer their own transport partner. Some customers don’t. In the latter case, Carlink can take care of this with love. Due to partnerships with highly reliable transporters, we can offer you a suitable solution.

Pick up

In some cases you may want to drive the cars back yourself. We understand this very well. We can make sure you get some temporary license plates. These are valid up to 14 days. However, note that full insurance is not always possible with temporary plates. Most of the insurance companies require an official license plate before issuing all-risk insurance.

Outside Europe?

If you want us to deliver your cars outside Europe, some additional documents might be required. Carlink can also arrange this with a smile. Make sure you get in touch with us for more information.

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