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Carlink aims to keep the information on its website as complete and up-to-date as possible. Despite this aim, the content of the website may be incomplete or incorrect. Carlink reserves the right to change or withdraw information at any time and without prior notification. For these reasons, no rights can be derived from this website. By using this website you accept this disclaimer.

References herein to Carlink shall also include, where applicable, Carlink’s group companies.


The Carlink website is visited at one’s own expense and risk. Carlink excludes any liability for any damages as a consequence of visiting this website, the use of information obtained from this website, software and/or services or the impossibility of being able to consult any web pages at any time.

Carlink reserves the right to change or terminate any web pages (or have them changed) at its own discretion with or without prior notification. Carlink is not liable for any consequences these changes or terminations may have.

Carlink does not accept any liability for the content of the information supplied by third parties. This also includes but does not exclusively refer to copyright infringement or any other acts of violation against intellectual property belonging to third parties.

Carlink does not accept any liability for direct or indirect damages that occur because of the content of the information on the website of Carlink whether or not this information was supplied by third parties. Carlink therefore reserves the right to change and or remove the information

supplied by third parties if this information offered by or already added on to the website is in conflict with the law, the interests of other (internet) users, other third parties or conditions and/or rules & regulations of Carlink.


The Carlink website may contain hyperlinks to websites that are outside the domain of Carlink. If included, these links are to be considered as a service to the user. Other conditions may apply to these websites. Carlink is not liable in any way for the content of these websites. The use of information behind these hyperlinks is entirely at one’s own risk.


The Carlink website and its content may not be multiplied, changed and/or made public without prior permission. Please contact the web editors for more information at: info@carlink.nl.


Carlink respects its website visitors’ privacy and ensures that personal information that is supplied by visitors during their visit will be treated confidentially. Personal details that are entered onto our website are not sold on to commercial organizations for marketing purposes. However, these details can be used by Carlink itself for marketing purposes for its own benefit. By giving these details you agree with this kind of use.


Carlink reserves the right to deny users access to (parts of) its website without prior notification. In addition to this Carlink can monitor website access.

Governing law

The Carlink website and this disclaimer are governed by Dutch law. All disputes in connection with this disclaimer shall exclusively be referred to the competent Dutch court.

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