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Piet Heinkade 177,
1019HC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 880 911 911

Carlink Outlet

Business Park Stein 107 C-D,
6181MA Elsloo
The Netherlands

+31 880 911 977

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25 years new car export from Holland. Carlink stands for simplicity and speed. We buy large amounts of brand new cars from premium brands and share them for the best possible prices. Is that the reason we grew out to the largest premium player on the European market over the past 25 years? We do think so. Carlink delivers to rental and leasing companies. Every year we ship thousands of cars. Simply because Carlink can deliver cars quick and directly from stock.


Speed is a tremendous value at Carlink International. While you are still on the phone with one of our employees, you already receive an email with a purchase agreement. As soon as you have returned it to us, you will receive an invoice. If your payment has been processed, cars can be picked up right away. Of course all our cars will be delivered with all the papers and keys! So you will never get any surprises with your cars. Good to know, right? The 25 years of experience do help to get the right paperwork.

Carlink got your back

Our staff is always very pleased to answer all of your questions. In addition, they provide all of our customers with the great pleasure of tailor-made advice. All of our employees have a wealth of experience, gained at the larger European brands, for example Landrover, Porsche and BMW. You are always ensured of the best advice you can get.


If you pre-order vehicles at your desire with Carlink International, we make sure you stay fully up-to-date about prices and delivery times. So you know where you are up to.


Of course you might want to meet us. That is why we have an office in Amsterdam and one 200 km down South in Maastricht (Elsloo) which is next to the Belgium and German border. Our Maastricht (Elsloo) location is used for the storage of cars, but of course you are welcome at both of our offices. You can also virtually meet us by Skype or Apple FaceTime and we can show you around! Both of our offices are located near to the airport and within walking distance from the train station and the city. We are pleased to welcome you, to show you that we truly exist. If you make an appointment, we can ensure the coffee is waiting for you. Visit our contact page for more info!